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Panorama of Te Aura

Te Aura between Islands

Catamarans are excellent for sailing in comfort. They have exceptional stability, far more stable then a monohull yacht, whether you are moored in a bay, or sailing around between islands. For people who suffer from the odd pang of seasickness, this is very good news. Catamarans are faster under power or sail. Because they have shallow drafts, they can get into places other boats simply cannot go. Catamarans are a better option for older guests and those new to sailing. They are also suited to children as the aft deck and interior has so much more room. The swimming platforms offer easy access for the wonderful experience of swimming in the ocean .


 Your Yacht and Crew

 Te Aura is a Tony Grainger 12metre (40 ft) ‘Mystery Cove’ design, catamaran, built to M&I specifications in Tauranga NZ. and refitted 2007.  Te Aura (meaning ‘the breeze’)  is registered by Maritime New Zealand in the Safe Ship Management programme,  She is fully certified, has approved safety equipment and procedures, and qualified and experienced crew.

Your Skipper, Phill Judd is qualified as an RYA Yacht Master, Offshore (UK), RYA Helmsman (Overseas) and a NZ Commercial Skipper. A New Zealander, his boating and chartering experience extends to West Australia, the UK, Ireland, Turkey, and the Pacific Islands. Phill is also a chef and will prepare your on-board food service.

Your Host Máire Burns hails from County Kerry on the West Coast of Ireland. Máire was born in a picturesque fishing village on the Atlantic Seaboard and her love and passion for the sea started at a very young age.  Máire has worked extensively in tourism and hospitality in Holland and Germany and for the last 15 years in hospitality here in New Zealand. Máire will host the wine tours and cruises.

Máire and Phill have most recently come from Great Barrier Island, where they opened and for 12 years ran Pohutukawa Lodge and The Currach Irish Pub.  Phill and Máire established the Aotea Seaports Academy on the Island as a sail training school for young people.

They have a pool of qualified and experienced crew selected to assist depending on the type of charter as well as to welcome and encourage our guests to get involved..