Chartering Conditions

Te Aura is a twelve metre Grainger designed fully equipped sailing catamaran. It is presented for your charter with full maritime certification including Safe Ship Management, and with a skipper experienced and commercially qualified as required by Maritime New Zealand Standards. Te Aura is also fully licensed for the sale of alcoholic beverages.  Our primary aim is to make your experience enjoyable and fun while maintaining safety.

Chartering Conditions

1. Payment: To secure a future booking a deposit of 50% of the charter cost is required. Full payment must be received prior to departure. Payment may be paid by cash or electronic funds transfer directly to our NZ bank account 03 0419 0003649 00

2. Cancelations: Please notify immediately if you are not able to make the charter or there are any changes in your numbers of people or arrangements. Cancelations need to be made more than 24 hours prior to your charter or the deposit will be forfeited. If we, Island Escape Ltd (the Operator) or our agent cancel the charter a full refund will be given.

3. Weather. If it is considered by you or the Master that the cruise will be unsafe or not enjoyable due to weather we may postpone the trip. If the Charter is postponed due to unsafe weather then it will be:

  1.  Re-scheduled to the next available date suitable to both the operator and the charterer or
  2. An alternative accommodation and activity on the island may be agreed with the price adjusted accordingly. or
  3. Should neither of these options be acceptable then a full refund will be given (lack of wind is not good causes for postponement).

4.  Force Majeure: We will be free from liability for failing to perform the charter due to industrial action, unsuitable weather condition, technical problems or other events beyond our reasonable control.

5. Charter course: The course to be undertaken during the charter may be agreed in advance with the operator or with the Master on the occasion of the charter; however, the Master reserves the right, at his/her sole discretion, to vary the agreed course for any reason, which may include weather, wave height, traffic, survey restriction, or any other reason which the Master believes is justified in the interests of safety and comfort.

6. Duration of Charter: The duration of the charter includes time taken to embark and disembark passengers and the operator is not responsible for any delays caused by the late arrival of passengers, or delays caused by for reasons outside of our control.

7. Behaviour: Rowdy, unruly or aggressive behaviour or any behaviour or activity which at the Masters sole discretion deems to place passengers, crew or the vessel at risk may result in the Master:

  1. Terminating the charter by berthing the vessel at the nearest safe location and discharging all or at least the offending passengers;
  2. Calling the Police to remove offending passengers or
  3. Any other similar course of action to resolve the immediate problem satisfactory to the Master.

If the charter is terminated early as a result of behaviour it is at the sole discretion on the Master and no money will be refunded.

8. Illicit Drugs are illegal and not permitted on board the vessel. If illicit drugs are found on board or passengers are suspected of using such substances then the charter may be terminated as above and the Police notified.

9. Damage to vessel: The Charterer will be responsible for any breakages, damage or excessive untidiness caused to the vessel during the charter period (fair wear and tear excluded) and agrees to pay in full for all and any costs incurred through such damage or breakages. The Charterer agrees to pay, if requested, a security deposit by way of credit card or cash or electronic bank transfer the time of making final payment, and that liability for damages, breakages or cleaning required over and above usual standard cleaning will be charged at cost and not limited to the amount of the security deposit requested

10 Hazards. A sailing vessel is a multi hazard site surrounded by the sea, with steps, low ceilings, ropes around the deck , engines and propellers’ and a moving floor. The Charterers acknowledge the hazards about Te Aura and indemnifies the operator in respect to any injury that may be sustained while onboard the vessel.

11. Catering: Any variation on menus offered or times served will be at the discretion of the master and the Operator will have no responsibility for catering to any food preferences’ or allergies that are not discussed and agreed at the time of booking.

12. Ultimate discretion The master shall have the ultimate say on any area around the operation and safety of the vessel and the passengers and crew and his/her decision will be final and undisputed.

13. Acceptance : The Charterer acknowledges that he or she has read and understood the terms and conditions set out in this agreement and has conveyed these terms and conditions to members of the charter group.

Thanks -

Phill and Máire